Executive Summary


ORi software is a software house dealing in the development of software for various platforms, the most important of which are .Net and Java.

ORi Software specializes in providing consulting services for IT departments in organizations, systems development, execution of projects, instruction & training, assimilation of systems, and comprehensive computerization management services through outsourcing.

ORi Software executes projects in large and medium-sized companies, such as HP, ORACLE, the Israel Defense Forces, Ministry of Defense, government ministries, health maintenance organizations, and insurance companies. The company also engages in collaboration with other leading companies in Israel.

Major projects

Public and private sectors: complex internet projects, including the development of internal and external websites, development of devoted systems, and integration of information security systems for intra-organizational use.

Government sector: complex development in a variety of languages and tools, including the complex integration of systems.

Insurance sector: development and analysis of systems for the Life Insurance and Elementary areas, with a variety of platforms and languages.

International projects:

  • ORACLE – replacement of a team in India which was not successful in launching a system for a VISA team, of which the primary customer was ORACLE. We succeeded in delivering the project on schedule.
  • AHAVA – a touch system for all of the brand’s outlets in Israel, USA, and Germany.
  • ORi Software has experience in execution of projects abroad – in countries such as India, USA, and Germany.
  • It is clear that for foreign projects, ORi Software works in accordance with the time zone of the country in which the service is provided.
  • ORi Software is very flexible with regard to work hours. Commitments shall be met, in the long term, to the extent that orderly systems are involved.
  • With regard to special work hour requirements, we shall of course do the utmost in order to meet the requested timetables, with the backing of the entire ORi Software team.




The recruitment of a new employee to the organization is considered a strategic process, with significant influence on its long term success. Therefore, ORi Software has developed the unique “parallelogram method” in order to receive the most suitable candidate for the position!

At ORi Software, recruitment is one of the tasks of the Human Resources Administration. It is there in which the recruitment & screening supervisor and recruitment coordinators perform their assignments. ORi Software’s recruitment unit consists of a skilled, highly motivated team, expert in its field.

The recruitment unit uses smart software which monitors CVs according to several parameters. For candidates who lack certain information, the system knows how to automatically produce questions, and require clarifications of them. The unit is also assisted by the universities, which provide the ORi Software team with information on their outstanding students. In addition, ORi Software is involved in cooperation between companies in Israel. Nevertheless, ORi Software searches the leading employment websites for further assistance in pinpointing the best candidate for the required specification.

A detailed description of the recruitment process:

  1. ORi Software receives the position’s configuration, as well as all its required credentials, such as: B.Sc., M.Sc., training courses, professional knowledge, years of experience, team management skills, etc.
  2. The recruitment team then searches the company computers, already equipped with professional smart screening systems, and which know how to ask the candidates questions and classify them according to percentage of suitability for the positions, professional level, cost, and cost-benefit (the company’s computers already contain the leading graduates of Ben-Gurion University and the Technion).
  3. After locating candidates with suitable CVs, the material is referred to the chief recruiters who check each candidate on a personal, individual basis. Thus, only suitable candidates advance to a personal interview with one of the company’s team leaders.
  4. Naturally, ORi Software is in daily contact with the bodies mentioned in 3.1, receiving CVs from them, and automatically entering them into the company’s IT systems. It thus succeeds in finding outstanding candidates for any conceivable assignment or projects!
  5. ORi Software is experienced in the process of delivering successful projects within the time dimension, in its dealings with large and mid-size companies, and is prepared to meet any challenge. ORi Software’s professional know-how in the recruitment process has resulted in positive outcomes, enabling the fulfillment of immediate, complex assignments.
  6. ORi Software encourages its workers by means of bonuses suited to their professional capabilities, as well as work hours actually put in. Bonuses include cash as well as gifts, such as nifty gadgets which create a good atmosphere at the workplace and in general. Outstanding workers are awarded vacations abroad for themselves including their spouses. Every employee completing a year of work at ORi Software is sent to a course, at the company’s expense, on any subject which interests him/her.
  7. ORi Software constitutes a focal point of IT information and knowledge in Israel. The company has immediate access to a large number of additional, external databases, owing to a great deal of successful collaboration within the industry. It is thus able to provide its customers with a high-quality, timely response to their needs. ORi Software provides, on a daily basis, broad-based solutions for various types of systems, such as: software, system, information security, recruitment, and training.



  1. The company encourages its workers’ professional development through professional training courses. When ORi Software monitors and identifies an employee’s suitability for team leader positions, or any other step forward in the worker’s professional career, it takes the initiative in upgrading him/her in every aspect.

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