Company Profile‎‎ ‎‎and Executive Summary‎‎

ORi Software is a software house engaged in software development on various platforms, primary on .Net and Java. In addition to software programming, ORi Software provides maintenance of operating systems, BI systems, information security, supply of services, projects management, with about 50% of its activity being outsourcing. Thanks to its outstanding ability to reduce administrative running costs and overhead, ORi Software succeeds in providing this entire range of solutions at the highest standards and at costs lower than those of other comparable software houses.‎‎

‎‎ORi Software specializes in consulting to organizational IT departments, development of systems and project establishment, training, systems integration, and outsourced comprehensive IT management services. We offer our customers the experience and knowledge accumulated in many successful projects, and enable them to work more efficiently. Professionalism, dedication and uncompromising customer loyalty are an integral part of the identity of ORi Software, and the reason for the continuing high satisfaction of our customers.‎‎

‎‎ORi Software expertise in the area of software outsourcing includes an end to end comprehensive solution with full commitment tothe objectives and needs of its customers (SLA) and in long-term agreements.

‎‎Comprehensive response to the state of the art technological environment‎‎

‎‎ORi Software provides to organizations a comprehensive solution to the state of the art technological environment. This is achieved by trained and highly motivated personnel, experienced in the domains of databases, development, infrastructure, communications, information security, quality assurance, interface development, and more. The combination of our ability to offer a variety of solutions, together with the financial strength and professional backing makes the difference for our clients.‎‎

‎‎ORi Software business strategy is based on providing optimal cost / benefit ratio to our customers. As a part of this strategy we have chosen to locate the company’s offices in Ashkelon, in order to reduce overhead costs and thus enable our customers to pay for professional expertise rather than for overhead resulting from high rent or luxurious ivory towers! This is why the same experts offered by other companies, are offered by ORi software at costs lower by 15% ‎‎

‎‎Substantial knowledge and experience in managing complex projects‎‎

‎‎ORi Software has accumulated over the years significant knowledge and experience in managing complex projects, while demonstrating an impressive execution ability for leading organizations in Israel and abroad. Among them being :  Channel 2 News , ORACLE, Intel, NDS, Tadiran Batteries, Ahava, the military, government agencies, Reshet company,  News 2, the Knesset channel,  Ministry of Defense, Strauss Elite, Menorah Insurance, Clalit Health Services, Bank Yahav, Port of Haifa , and more.‎‎

‎‎For these and other companies, the combination of  competitive  economic cost, professional expertise and uncompromising quality made the difference and have turned ORi Software into their preferred supplier . The success stories and the many letters of commendation being received by ORi Software are the proof of the high level satisfaction of our customers.‎‎

‎Wide ‎range of expertise and knowledge‎‎

‎‎ORi Software currently provides knowledge and expertise in a variety of disciplines and domains such as: ‎‎

  • Software development‎‎ ‎
  • Systems analysis
  • System architects
  • Certified network administrators and operating system team leaders
  • SAP developers and implementers
  • Software testers
  • Software instructors
  • Computer and HD operators

‎‎Projects and centers of excellence‎‎

‎‎Leading projects

  • Public and private sector  – Complex internet projects  that included – development of internal and external sites, development of  dedicated systems  and integration of an information security system for cross  organizational use.‎‎
  • Government sector – Complex developments performed using various programming languages and tools, including complex integration between systems.‎‎
  • Insurance sector – Analysis and development of systems for the life and elementary insurance domain performed on various platforms and a variety of programming languages.‎‎
  • Projects abroad‎‎


Replacement of a team in India that did not succeed to bring up a system for a VISA team where the final customer was ORACLE.   We managed to meet the time schedule.‎‎

  • ‎‎Ahava- a touch system for all their stores in Israel, in United States and Germany.‎‎

Algorithm development services – in variety of areas such as:

  • ‎‎Signal Processing‎‎
  • ‎‎Image Processing‎‎
  • Computer Vision‎‎
  • Machine Learning‎‎

SAP domain

ORi Software develops, implements, and provides training of SAP systems at unprecedented cost and uncompromising quality for all modules.

Help Desk domain

ORi Software performs maintenance and support of workstations and end users at all levels, according to customer’s dedicated programs and under clearly defined SLA‎‎.

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